Dear friends and Akhal-teke fans!
I am glad to present our book about Akhal-teke horses.
It is big coffee table book with 200 color and B&W photos of the excellent photographer Artur Baboev and 40 pages of the text with history, formation, type and genealogy of Akhal-teke horses from the best Akhal-teke breeder Alexander Klimuk, which illustrated by old archival pictures, some of which were never published before. 
Our main goal was to make the best quality book with special price for all horses lovers and Akhal-teke especially.
Now any of you can get it on Amazon in English here:


Horses grow and develop, and during it become cheaper or expensive. And I not always in-time can get actual price for horse. Therefore I decided to remove the prices of horses and to leave only price range. Please ask about price.


         Sometimes my friends, who are the breeders of Akhal-teke horses and do not have an access to Internet, don't know English or German, ask me to help them with sale of their horses. Certainly, the majority of the presented horses is born and is in Russia. But for many years of work I have sold many Akhal-teke horses in Europe, USA and Canada (more than 250 horses). Now these horses already have offspring and some of this offspring is for sale too.


         This site was created to satisfy demand for Akhal-teke horse. It is possible to find horses of any color, line, specialization and price category here. Some of them have great prospect in the Championships of Russia, Europe and World, such as Aukhar, Saburbek (sold to China), Gapur (sold to China), Shakhmed (sold to KZ), Agat (sold in Russia), Saudi, Malika, Adriatika (sold to KZ), Patma, Ak-Yusup (sold in Russia), Maudja (sold to KZ), Tiona or Palitra (sold to KZ). These horses are of the highest level, are most typical for Аkhal-Тeke breed. Some are really ready now for sports, such as Khorramdel, which is in the first eventing training. Other are broodmares or sires, who have already proved with good offspring.


         At  this time, cost of a horse in Russia is not very high, but its shipping and the risks connected with it are high enough. Therefore in the future, sections will replenish as well by the horses from Europe. If some interested persons will buy horses here in Russia, then it will be possible to organize the combined shipping. I have such experience already doing my former job in Akhalt-service stud. I collected group of horses and sent them to Europe, and new owners took away them in convenient places. There are reliable insurance and transport companies in Russia with double and triple vans, 5-6 local trucks and even with truck on 11-12 horses. It is possible to send horses by plane directly from Russia. But the combined shipping is always cheaper, than individual shipping. It is possible to make an agreement or a contract about breeding with the best Russian sires, about training, about racing in hippodrome, possibility of x-rays and ultrasonic before purchase and so on. There are more and more possibilities for this purpose in Russia.


         The guaranteed items. Every horse presented here has the passport of VNIIK (MAAK) and are registered in General Studbook. You will know everything about the horse what I know. I saw and personally know a lot of these horses. I prefer to tell truth and give all information about traumas, bad genetics, problems in conformation, problems in character, bad habits and so on. I will speak about my doubts in the seller and the information, which he has given. But there is always a possibility to go and have a look at a horse before the final decision, to make new photos and video.


         Anyway, the greatest happiness is, when the new owner is glad with the new horse. When he hasn't found out any "hidden defects" after purchase and hasn't started to sell this horse again. If the owner is happy, then the horse is happy too. What can be more important?


         I travel a lot across Russia and not only. And my purpose always is to see as much as possible Akhal-teke horses. I know almost all existing horses that have purebred pedigree and registered in General studbook. My eyes are always open and pleased by new horses. I am not tired to admire to that beauty, grace and singularity which have only Akhal-teke.


         If you are interested in any horse - just write me. If you think that the price is high - write too. Many owners are often agreeing to lower the price when they "feel" a smell of real money. And certainly there is a certain wholesale price at purchase of few horses at the same owner.




Nadja Tarasova

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